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Check Indosat SMS package  starting with Rp 1000

Check the indosat SMS package   starting with Rp 1000. The method itself is quite simple. Surely everyone can do it on their own. The messaging feature itself is the most useful feature on mobile phones. Although its existence has begun, there are advantages that are inherent in owning it. This is the first advantage for the receiving party.

Even if the recipient does not activate mobile data, if the SMS sends the message, the recipient will still receive the message. This is definitely different from the full chat app that has been booming recently. Although it is more practical, the recipient’s mobile data must be active first. if the mobile data connection is not active, the message will not be received.

But the problem is that messaging usage is becoming less and less common. In this case, most people don’t know some important things about the message. Of course, one of the most important is the packages available. Check Indosat SMS packages starting with Rp 1000. The method itself is very simple.

SMS packages are very easy to check

The message package is also very easy to check. If you want to do it, the easiest way is to dial ussd. This is the most popular SIM card information verification feature in Indonesia. If you want to use it, call the first 123#. Please wait a few minutes for the service application to process.

Then you will see some options, in front of which there is a number. In these options, choose one that says roll or text. To select it, simply where the number is, and then select Submit. From there, customers will continue to check the next phase of INdosat SMS packages, which will start at Rp 1000.

From there, some options will appear as before. For some of these options, select the information now. Enter the number and you will hit sail. From there, the operator will process the package inspection application. Wait a few minutes and the details of the necessary information will appear.

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When it is easy to check  Indosat SMS packages with the USSD dial  , the price starts from Rp 1000. But in addition to using the USSD dial, you can also use phone calls. This phone call is not made by contacting the CS.

This method will be suitable for customers who do not like to choose services by looking for them one by one. If you want to contact him, first call 123. From there, the operating machine will explain the services to be provided. In the explanation there will be services for you to choose from.

Simply follow the instructions of the operating machine if you want to check Indosat SMS packages starting with Rp 1000. You can choose one of these two methods based on your need. In comparison, the first method is really more common. However, the second method can get additional information.

Register indosat SMS quota

When the verification is complete, you will have complete information about the remaining quota. If there are still a lot of them, customers can use them as needed. However, if you want to lose weight, the quota can be filled immediately. Filling can be done in different ways.

Just like checking INdosat SMS packages starting with Rp 1000, filling the quota is also easiest with the USSD dial.   The number is the same for *123 #. In addition, there will be several options with the corresponding numbers. Select a number on which a scroll is written. Enter the number, and then send it.

In the next option, select SMS. Usually SMS is the number 5. But since the updates are still in progress, the order may change. Basically, write down the number, and then return it. From there, some quota settings will appear to you as a consumer.

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The selection of packages itself is daily, weekly, monthly. Choose one by writing the sequence number. Send the number and the operator will process the quota request. If the signal is in a stable state, it will only take a few seconds for the charge to pass through.

Once done, check your Indosat SMS package immediately  , the price starts from Rp 1000. This check shall be carried out as proof that the quota has actually been administered. Make no mistake if you use the quota just before the recheck. He fears that the quota has not yet been registered and that his credit will be reduced.

Some SMS quota settings to choose from

When using  Indosat, users are free to choose when choosing a quota. This is because service providers offer many options for SMS quotas that providers provide to their consumers. The price itself is very cheap compared to other providers. Try checking the quota option from Indosat. The most common quota itself is the monthly type.

Consumers can choose between two monthly SMS packages. The quota of the first type costs 10 thousand rupees. This quota allows users to send 1,500 SMS. The number is broken down to  1,250 for deliveries to Indosat and 250 for deliveries to other operators. There is also a second quota option.

This quota option costs 20 rupees miles. With this plan, users get 3,750 free messages. The distribution is 3,000 for co-Indosat and 750 for other operators. You can choose between the two according to your needs. If the monthly plan seems too long, you can also choose a weekly plan.

It’s just that Indosat offers only one type of package that costs 10 rupees miles. The total NUMBER of SMS messages that can be sent reaches 2,000 messages. The distribution itself is 1,750 for co-Indosat and 250 for other operators. The  declaration of verification of  Indosat sms packages starting from Rp 1000 was  actually created in the daily package.

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There are several options for daily plans. The cheapest costs a thousand dollars. This package gives users 250 SMS for free. The distribution is 220 for co-Indosat and 30 for other operators. If you feel 250 smaller, choose the one that costs 3 miles or 5 rupees miles.

For a package of 3 thousand rupees, users receive a free SMS of 1,000. For the 5-mile rupe package, users receive a free 1,750 SMS. For the first option, the division is 750 and 250, and for the second option – 1,500 and 250, respectively.

The MyIm3 app makes it very easy for users

Many say that the advantages of this provider can be seen when checking Indosat sms packages, the price starts from Rp 1000.   In fact, the rest of the advantages are numerous. One of the most significant advantages is the existence of the MyIm3 application. This application is very beneficial for users.

The first advantage is the ability to fill the Internet package. To fill out the internet package, users no longer need to come to the store. Simply use the app and you can get the best internet package.

In fact, for the purpose of filling your own SMS package, the MyIm3 application is possible. It’s just that its use is not as easy as using the USSD dial. In addition, this application requires an Internet package at the time of login. This method is not suitable for customers who regularly use SMS.

If you are a regular SMS user, do not forget to check it regularly. Do not let the SMS package run out when you need it. This is certainly very harmful, because first of all you need to charge. Stockpiling is a better decision.  Check the Indosat sms package starting with Rp 1000.

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