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Using BPJS Call Center Access 4 Features of Health Assistance

The era of digitalization has changed people’s lifestyles, one of which is access to the BPJS call center.   In the past, if consumers or BPJS members had to go to the nearest branch, you didn’t have to come directly, because there were different alternatives to accessing support services.

Especially in the midst of the current academic year, outdoor activities are limited and many offices prefer to empower their employees from home. Minimizing operational activity in the office will certainly have an impact on the service provided to consumers. Therefore, many services are re-commed with online methods.

You may have a question about whether this phone service can help, especially in accessing the best health services. In fact, having a  help center really provides a lot of comfort to consumers, especially for participants who pay contributions. Because there is no need to visit the branch.

Using the BPJS call center as a centralized assistance service, participants can safeguard social security without having to worry about not being served or having to deal with an infectious line. BPJS Help Center Services can be contacted by hotline 1500-400 and receive free access for 24 hours a day.

There are 4 facilities that can be accessed through this help center, registration, data changes, information and complaints, and health consultations. If you have any of these problems, you can call the hotline number directly for help. Here’s a further explanation of the helpdesk services.

Registration of new members of BPJS Kesehatan

To be a member of the Health Social Security Organizing Agency, you must first register. As a rule, the registration process requires potential registrants or their representatives to go directly to the organizer’s office and follow the registration process. However, this is not currently possible, so it should be done through the Help Center.

You can use the registration option through a hotline available at any time to register. The BPJS call center serves the registration process according to procedures undertaken, for example, in direct office, so you do not have to give time if you decide to register through this help center.

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Some of the things needed as data for the registration process are family card numbers, national identity number (KTP), active phone number, active email address, and bank account number.   After you enter information about customer service, find out the choice of health care facilities.

When choosing a healthcare facility, it should be adapted to needs and abilities. Because every kind of health institution will have different contributions. To do this, you need to evaluate how much contributions are paid for each institution. Then check the email to see the virtual account number if registration succeeds.

BPJS Call Center offers the possibility to make new registrations for participants and their relatives. For example, you rely on children and are married or married. It may even add parents, siblings or other addicted families.

Change paid participant data

Another issue that a national health insurance card user often forces to come to an official branch to care for is when they want to change the data in their membership statement. Participant data changes can be made online, especially if you’re using a mobile application.

If you can’t use the mobile application, you can also contact the help desk. Participants can change data such as members’ identities, healthcare facilities, choice of intient class classes, and other related membership-related matters such as address.

Using the BPJS call center  as an auxiliary service changes subscriber data, has requirements to be met, namely that membership should be longer than 90 days in a type of healthcare facility if you want to change the type of healthcare facility or the identity of the participants.

You can also change the level of care class so that only participants who pay  contributions  have   the opportunity to change. In addition to clauses in requirements, participants must be enrolled in the same class for at least 1 year. Payment of contributions must be paid without delay during registration.

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The time frame for changing data from the time of your request is 1 to 7 business days. You can review the changes by accessing the site or using the application, or you can contact The Help Center so you can get the latest information from the data changes you’ve created.

Health advice for all participants

Registration and data change are part of the burucracy  that can be done at the BPJS call center.  However, this is not the full function of the Help Center. You will also be given the opportunity to conduct a health consultation by asking the doctor directly.

This consulting service provides an opportunity to ask different questions about the health you mark. There are services from family doctors to help you answer your questions, as well as specialists for more specific pain management.

The service is also available 24 hours a day, allowing members to immediately consult by phone in case of confusion about health conditions without a direct visit to the doctor’s office. This service applies to all members of BPJS, both independent and independent.

Access to health information and consultation through the BPJS call centre is an attempt to offer free health advice services to make it easier for members so they can receive the best service at all times. Especially in today’s digital age, this health feature is becoming more important and very helpful for the community, as access is fast and easy.

Centralized information and complaint service

There are many features of the Help Center that make it easier for members, including the provision of information services. If you are confused about a variety of matters related to membership, such as membership status, callings, care for health care facilities, you should contact the Help Center.

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Especially if you are a new member who does not understand how to accept BPJS and many questions. Having a BPJS call center provides real support and detailed explanations of everything related to your membership. The help center is the best way to get accurate information.

Not only do they provide accurate information, but they can also complain about the problems you face. For example, membership that is not active even if it is registered for more than a week, so members do not have access to health care facilities. This problem will surely be solved quickly, because the pain happened unexpectedly.

Moreover, the problem of a fee that can’t cover all hospital expenses, so you still have to pay. This often happens due to a lack of information from BPJS Kesehatan or members of the lack of knowledge about healthcare facilities in the Payment section.

The complexity of BPJS Kesehatan service flow is also sometimes an obstacle, so members often have problems with the closure of tiered services or services in hospitals. When this problem occurs, you can use the Help Center to help you troubleshoot the problem.

If you have problems when claimed BPJS Kesehatan, you don’t have to be afraid, especially if you get emotional in hospital and cause new problems. What you need to do is seek help through the help center and then solve the problem. There is no need to go to the branch office as a call center .

Having 1500 400 Help Center services is a very useful thing for members. A systematic, fast, reliable service, which can be reached at all times, ensures a breath of fresh air for participants. From now on, if you need information, bureaucratic access or health advice, you can contact the BPJS call centre.

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