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How to easily contact the call center of Bank Mandiri

Bank Mandiri’s call center is ready to help you find solutions to problems related to the use of services from Bank Mandiri. Currently, financial institutions have such a large role that it is difficult to separate them from the different services available. Especially now that there are Islamic financial institutions.

Many of us have used the services of banks, including Mandiri Bank, to facilitate daily transactions such as cash deposits, cash withdrawals, transfers, purchases, payments, etc. Unfortunately, problems also occur several times with transactions that are carried out independently through ATMs.

Of course, if we encounter problems when carrying out transactions, we must immediately ask for help, and sometimes the security guard does not have more authority to solve the problem we are facing. Therefore, the most appropriate way is to contact the call center of Bank Mandiri and get a solution.

With a call center, we do not have to go to the nearest bank to ask about the problems that arise. You can contact him at work, at home or still at the ATM site. The provided solution can also be done immediately, if possible at an ATM.

How to contact the Mandiri call center

If you encounter problems or problems when using Bank Mandiri devices, you can contact the call center of Bank Mandiri. How to contact him is also very easy as long as you have a medium for communication, be it a wired phone or a mobile phone. The difference in the region must also be taken into account because of the different numbers.

For those of you who are in the region, Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Palembang, Surabaya, Balikpapan, Denpasar, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar, Bandung, Semarang and Bogor, you can contact the call center at 14000. However, for those of you who are located outside the area, you can call another number, namely (021) 5299-7777.

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If the problem you are consulting is related to cashless financial transactions, you must first prepare a Pin code for calling Mandiri so that the transaction can be made. Previously, you had to register at an ATM, and then get a Mandiri Call pin code as a condition for making cashless transactions.

If you have obtained a pin-p for calling Mandiri, you can use the different services of Bank Mandiri’s call center  according to your individual needs. Press the button with the call center number, then you will hear the sound of the answering machine with different options, such as the language used for the necessary service.

Is the Mandiri call center service 24 hours?

Many customers question the service time of this Mandiri call center, whether it is available within 24 hours or whether there is a certain service time. You don’t have to worry, Bank Mandiri understands very well what you need to enjoy this service at any time, as it is available within 24 hours.

Bank Mandiri’s call center prioritizes customer satisfaction, so they provide a 24-hour call center service. Bank Mandiri is supported by a system that can be accessed at any time, so you can contact the call center in the morning, afternoon, evening or early morning.

In addition to call centers, Mandiri also provides other 24-hour services in the form of Mandiri SMS, ATM Mandiri, Mandiri Internet, Mandiri Mobile on Mandiri Internet Binisis, which you can use anytime, anywhere. You will also get various conveniences from the 24 nonstop services available.

Whenever you need a call center from Bank Mandiri, you can contact them directly by phone. You will be connected to customer service and can send questions or complaints about issues that arise. In this way, the problem can be solved quickly, since the call center can be done at any time.

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Potrebuje call centrum Independent credit?

In addition to the service time of the Bank Mandiri call center,  many of us are also curious about the loan rates charged when contacting the call center. Basically, contacting a call center requires credit or you will be charged a certain phone rate, so you need to prepare in advance.

If you use a landline and are located in the areas of Surabaya, Jakarta, Medan, Balikpapan, Yogyakarta, Palembang, Banjarmasin, Bogor, Bandung, Denpasar, Makassar and Semarang, local rates will be charged. Outside of these areas, you can use a different number to call, and the rates will be adjusted.

The call center of Bank Mandiri can also be contacted via mobile phone for a fee per minute. The price per minute is different for each provider, some are cheap and some are expensive. The cheapest price per minute if you use StarOne (Jkt), which is the IDR 260.

In addition, the most expensive price if you call the call center number using Telkomsel Simpati, which is Rp1,800. Some providers also apply local tariffs, specifically Flexi (Jkt) and Esia (Jkt), so you need to prepare your credit and fees as they still charge you per minute.

Benefits of using the Mandiri call center service

The availability of call center services for various banks, including Bank Mandiri, certainly brings several benefits that you can enjoy. The first advantage you can get is getting service anytime, anywhere, when you need it, because Bank Mandiri provides 24-hour round-the-clock service.

Bank Mandiri’s call center not only solves the problems you face, but also answers various questions about things you don’t understand. Customer service will provide you with clear and complete information based on what you need, so you don’t have to worry if a problem occurs.

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In addition, the Mandiri call center service is also available in different languages, so you don’t have to be fooled. For those of you who do not speak a foreign language, just choose Indonesian. However, there is also a  call center service in a foreign language, for example, English for foreigners.

Another advantage you can get is getting a solution immediately when a problem occurs so that you can fix it correctly right away. Transactions that fail or face a problem in the transaction certainly worry us, but all this can be overcome by contacting the call center of Bank Mandiri.

Problems during the Mandiri call center

Some of us may have encountered problems when contacting Bank Mandiri’s call center, such as the inability to connect to a recorder. This problem occurs quite often, especially during working hours, since if he contacts too many people, there may be problems with the answering machine.

In fact, Bank Mandiri Call Center has provided quite a lot of customer service that is ready to serve customers, either to ask for something or to file a complaint. However, sometimes there are enough customers who call, so not all of them can be overcome at once.

Therefore, if you encounter this problem, the solution is to be patient enough and wait until the phone traffic is too crowded. In addition, you can also find time outside working hours, for example, in the morning or at night, to avoid such obstacles.

For those of you who have problems or something you want to notify Bank Mandiri, you can immediately contact the call center. First, make sure that your phone has enough credit so that communication with Bank Mandiri’s call center is not  interrupted  or interrupted.

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