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Benefits of KIA Service Center and the importance of managing the car


KIA Service Center is one of the best services for your users from the KIA manufacturer. As the name suggests, this service is definitely intended to check the condition of the car within a certain period of time. Generally, this can be done once a month, but it is enough to do it at least once in 3 months.


KIA itself, for those of you who don’t know, is a South Korean carmaker company. While it is not the number one option in Indonesia, it has quality and competitive prices. They are still a big and experienced manufacturer, and once took Onletico Madrid as the main sponsor.


Benefits of Kia-Made Car Products


In addition to experience, this Ginseng country maker knows that it has many kinds of excellent cars that you can use. For example, an SUV like the Sportage is very much liked by Europeans. There are also other types, such as Rio, which are no less than specifications or selling prices.


If we ask kia service center or its users directly, there are several advantages that we immediately experience. One of them is the very wide space and the benefits of luggage. To bring in 5 people at a time, you can still do it and use the luggage section to transport more personal items.


When we bring it, the engine is very fast but the type of car is still smooth even if it’s an older type or brand. For example, the Rio Type, which is powered by a 1,396cc engine and a 6-speed MT transmission. No wonder the machine’s quality lasts longer as long as the maintenance schedule is routine.


Before purchasing, you can ask the Kia service center or the seller directly about the condition of the machine, especially in terms of maintenance. The name of the car should definitely have an excellent maintenance system like KIA, where the use of handling is very efficient, so when used it will be comfortable even if it is high speed.

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Although it has space, engine and maintenance with number one quality, it doesn’t make it too difficult for us to reach. Depending on the type of car production or year by year we can get it from prices starting from $200 million. Looking at the specs and affordable price, it could be an option.


But before that, you need to know that many of the cars produced by KIA have a normal interior look. Therefore, make sure that you are fully mature to the look of the interior before buying it. If you like the type of car but are not interested in the interior, you can only use custom services to make it more attractive.


Car Maintenance Services with KIA Service Center


If you use service services in accordance with the car brand, you can get many excellent services, such as replacing oil. Perhaps this could be the most common service because it often needs to be replaced. Moreover, it can be too dirty to block the filter part for too long to be changed.


Moreover, the oil will not be able to reach all the engine components, so that it will not move properly, the chances of experiencing corrosion are also very large. Usually the service is free, especially in the first few months. It is also the same in providing glass cleaners or car bodies that were serviced at that time.


Of course , the Kia Service Center is very concerned about the customer not only by the softness of the machine but also by the appearance as in the glass. Of course, you should not carelessly buy glass cleaning products because there are products that are injurious to health. Therefore, it is better to use cleaning agents only as per the recommendations of experts.


The power of the steering part is also the same in the choice of the steering part where it should be of good quality so that it does not wear out quickly. Generally, if the lubricant starts to empty, the steering becomes heavy and vibrates continuously. It should be unpleasant, so when it’s in service, try to get rid of it immediately so as not to have problems.

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In addition to power steering lubricants, the Kia service center also supplies the addition or replacement of transmission fluids. Generally, we need lubricants in manual and automatic cars because they are hydraulic drives. This should always be checked because it leaks frequently but is not known so it is severe after taking the workshop.


Finally, how the mechanic looks at the condition of the cables and batteries on the car, where if we are finished, it won’t be able to move. Moreover, if it is filled but emptied very quickly, there is a possibility of damage occurring, so it should be corrected. Even if it’s getting worse, it should be replaced with a new battery.


How to find KIA Car Service Place?


When looking for a car service location, especially the KIA brand, it’s really easy to do that. You can search the internet or share it with the people who have been there before. If you are in the Jakarta region, several branches called Pantai Inda Kapuk and TB Simatupang are quite famous.


In advance, try calling them first to find out if it is open or not. For most people the days or opening hours vary, so they shouldn’t come. If you come to one of the service locations, prepare a fee in anticipation of having to replace one of the engine parts.


Then,  once Kia arrives at the service center, it is immediately welcomed by the employees. There is also a format in the administrative affairs of the service. Generally, important data such as ID cards and vehicle purchase letters are required, so that the service process that is carried out is carried out directly by KIA employees.


Employees have qualified skills or abilities so that customer vehicles can be repaired immediately while preventing damage, thus benefiting us as owners. When it comes to a public workshop, it may not get this kind of benefit. In addition, all the equipment and accessories of the workshop have been provided directly by the company so that they are completed.

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Benefits of visiting the KIA Service Center regularly


The service is needed because the condition of our car can always be maximized if it is needed. Moreover, we have used it for a long time in distance and time, certainly there will be eroding components so that it does not function properly. Serving always makes the condition of our vehicle suitable when we are driving.


The result is much more comfortable to use because we know that one component of the car is related to another. If not checked regularly, it can get damaged and disrupt the functioning of other components. Of course, this can be fatal, especially at risk of getting into an accident, because it rarely or never serviced the vehicle.


Kia needs to prioritize the liability to come to the service center because it is not expensive, you can save costs by checking the condition of the car at the manufacturer’s repair store. If life is long, there is no need to change cars too fast. It can also be used as an investment item if the price increases too high in the future.


Of course, if the price of one kind or one type of car suddenly goes up it is nothing new anymore. Then, if it is sold more expensively, it will certainly be a huge profit from our financial point of view. So that the price is more profitable if you want to sell it, try to keep it regular in both the engine and the look.


Of course, since it has a quality that is not bad, it can be used as an alternative if you are bored with Honda or other common car brands. Moreover, customers have a maximum service bonus so that it doesn’t make us spend too much money. In addition,  choose to use the KIA Service Center periodically.

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