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3 Ways to contact the Tokopedia Consultation CallCentre

3 Ways to contact the Tokopedia call center in this digital age should be known when you become a Marketplace user. The call center  is simply defined as a service from Tokopedia to customers when they need information, submit complaints or ask for help when they  get to a problem. This service in the digital business is very important for promoting good customer relations.

The call centre is similar to that of the company itself, which directly confronts consumers. This service is one of the important points for providing a sense of comfort to customers. Not only good response and communication, the media used in call service centers show the professionalism of the company in providing the best service to consumers.

Tokopedia is among the largest markets in Indonesia, and is included in the unicorn category that is still developing today. Of course, this  large marketplace is trying    to provide the best possible service to customers, both sellers and buyers.

How to contact tokopedia call center

Below are the ways that can be used to connect Tokopedia Call Centers that can be tried.

  1. Using a call center

If you need a quick response, you can get the best choice of 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia call  center by  contacting the 02153691015 or 02180647333. When using this method, however, customers need a balance of provider to do so. If you don’t want to spend more money, we recommend using this medium when you’re in an important/uncertain situation.

  1. Use email

If you are accustomed to using email, you can do so through this medium. The advantage of  this method is that you can file complaints as officially as you do not. In this way , you can easily include the documents needed to reconfirm your protest or request information.

The address of the e-mail message for communication with customer service Another advantage of these media is that it is possible to better maintain the confidentiality of information when submitting complaints or communicating.

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Get customer service through social media

When the problem isn’t too important, one of the 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia call center is to choose other media that don’t ask for costs. Among them through social media, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Communication services through these social media can be used within 24 hours. Another convenience for those accustomed to using social media is simpler.

When using Twitter, an account  you can contact is @tokopedia or @tokopediacare. Meanwhile, if you contact Facebook via Facebook, please open the fanspage page @tokopedia url address Follow your account when using @tokopedia Instagram.

There are several ways to communicate with a social network service. First, by sending in a comment column or using a private message directly. For general information, we recommend using the comment field.

However, when discussing personal matters or sending fraudulent journalists or those who need your personal information, we recommend using instant messages. It’s safer as well that you’ll  get trouble from others.

It doesn’t cost money when communicating with the social network. All  you need  is access to data and use social media. But on the side of these media, the response compared to the telephone service is relatively slow. Because most clients typically use this medium to communicate with thiscopy.

Even when it’s very big on social media and it’s accumulating, there’s a chance that it won’t be read by customer service. Therefore, this medium recommends that it be used to communicate or communicate about minor things. When you enter  a website or app, you can focus on shopping or opening yourtivies.

Although you don’t use this social network as one of the 3 waysto contact the Tokopedia Call Center, we recommend that you still follow it. Because Tokopedia transmits various up-to-date information through its social media. Whether it’s policies, promotions or other important information.

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Communicating with the Tokopedia call center  using the app

Below are some ways that can be used to communicate with Tokopedia call centers using the app.

  1. Help Center

Alternatively, 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia Call Center  using the app in  the Help Center panel. Whether you’re using an app or website, choose a contact panel for us. then you will see some points you will download, please point to the needs. Then download the information you want to resolve.

  1. Tokopedia Nega

You can communicate with Customer Service through Tokopedia Care. Tokopedia Care has a variety of information about this market that customers and vendors need. In addition to information, Tokopedia Care also offers articles such as tutorial information and important tips for users.

You can access this by first opening an account. Then select the setting panel – select Tokopedia Care. Use this page to type keywords about the problem in the search bar. For more detailed information, you will  get a topic of the problem.

After that, enter the keywords for the problems you’re facing. Following this procedure, you will see a guide to fix the problem. when the Help Center functions failed to  feel further  customer  service.

  1. Transaction accounts

Another method in this app can also be through accounts for the transactions you  are currently doing. Please open the list of transactions on your account – click Store. Select a transaction that is facing problems. Then the details of the message are displayed, select the panel.

  1. Live chat

You can communicate via the live chat service provided  as a consultation with the  Tokopedia team. Currently, however, Live chat is limited to sellers with gold and platinum memberships. To take advantage of this service, go to the toped bot widget.

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After that, you can open an account, navigate to settings – navigate to Tokopedia care – pop up chat displayed – select it from the chat panel now –  You can just write what you want to consult. When you want to communicate with Customer Service, you can activate support such as screenshots. Before replying, However, Tokopedia usually sends a chatbot.

  1. Through the Rescue Center

You can consult with this service directly with the tocopy. Then transfer  the best solution for each  customer and seller.

After that, pop up orders appeal will be displayed, please click. then scroll to the problem and make it clear. The journalist did not respond or the best solution was not found 3 days, please  use the request for assistance feature.   Here  you will  be welcomed directly by the resolution centre administrator, who will help solve the problem.

Ethics used to contact call centres

In 3 ways to contact the tokopedia call center in addition to technical means  , they should  pay attention to the  process. Still politely oveream it, even though the buyer is king. Open communication with a polite greeting, then pass it briefly, clearly and not verboselno. Make sure the  information  you’re going to download is real, not  far away.

If necessary, include evidence when lodging a complaint that will facilitate their response.  You have  to wait patiently for an answer,  as there are many customers who can experience the same problem as you.

In addition, before filing complaints, asking questions and so on, make sure you are trying to understand the rules regarding transactions on Tokopedia. Do not allow  you to ask 3 ways to contact the Tokopedia call center  from problems that have been clearly switched to  the Information Center.

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