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Q&DHL Most Common Customer Service Center

In this article, we will discuss DHL’s service center and customer questions. Those of you who are used to transacting or shopping online to abroad may be familiar with this same delivery service.

DHL International GmbH is a provider of package or parcel delivery services but not only domestically, you can also send packages or parcels to different countries in the world. Especially now that online shopping from markets outside Indonesia is no longer new, there is already a lot of e-commerce that makes transactions easier.

Not only for online shopping, you can also open a business on a wider range. If you are used to being a buyer, you can start a business to get a new income as a seller. DHL can be a recommended means of sending packages that can help the buying and selling process between countries.

You can also contact the DHL service centre  which is ready to serve users 24 hours if there are things that cause the package to be hampered, questions about shipping goods, Customs and others. This courier service provider company has existed since 1969 and has even delivered 1.3 billion packages a year, so it’s obviously trustworthy.

DHL Shipping Questions

The most common question usually asked in call center services is the same service is when do the shipments arrive? For those of you with questions about shipping, you don’t really need to contact customer service because you just need to visit the DHL tracking page by:

  1. Open DHL Indonesia website, which is dhl.co.id
  2. Once the main pageis open, click the tracking option
  3. After clicking on the tracking option later you will be asked to input a number or reference to receive a status notice oncegni has proof of submission

Even through the tracking menu you can also monitor loads, so that you can contact DHL service centre if you are experiencing problems only but for lessons or delivery of goods, but for tracking and freight only, you can get as much information as possible from the DHL Indonesia website page.

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The most important thing is that you saved the tracking number so that you can find out how far the parcel is sent. The tracking number or acceptance number consists of 10 digits, before doing the tracking check several times to turn off that the acceptance or tracking number is indeed valid.

Except when you experience some conditions like missing tracking number or you don’t save it, the waybill number has a problem, the information for the shipment does not match the real destination and others can only connect to DHL service center.

FAQs about packages to send via DHL

Another question and answer often asked by customers is about packages. Especially if one is shipping internationally for the first time what is the first time using DHL express services, so it is quite natural that there are many questions, the most common of which are:

  1. What are the payment methods for DHL?

For those of you who have just created an account, you should choose regular delivery and later there is a negotiable price quote and you can pay bills every month.

  1. What is the maximum possible size for the item to be shipped?

For international ships, it uses special cars and aircraft where the size of the ships cannot exceed dimensions of 120 cm, later you are also asked to provide information about the weight of the goods, especially for items sent weighing more than 50 kg.

  1. Why are the goods in transit rejected by DHL?

For this one question, it is actually very simple where DHL itself has provisions for sending goods. There are indeed some prohibited materials such as hazardous waste or war equipment and sharp weapons.

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There are so many questions that can be answered just by going to the main page of the DHL Indonesia website and you need to contact the DHL service centre if it is related to damage or loss of goods. Later the DHL team will help you track down lost items and claim damaged goods.

Questions on how to send a packet

DHL itself is very supportive of the development of small to mid-sized businesses, not surprisingly many say that this international messenger or itinerary is truly an ideal partner for inter-country business. Even for starters, there’s no need to worry because the DHL team also helps you take care of customs and customs handling.

Moreover, the shipping business using DHL services has existed since 1969 and still exists today and even the network is quite widespread around the world. DHL even has a network of more than 220 countries and regions, with wider coverage that your business can run more smoothly.

Sending goods with DHL is also very easy, you can get it at  DHL service center just need to provide information about the goods to send and their location. Then try to calculate the shipping costs, also see the list of prohibited items so that the package you are going to send does not experience problems, in Indonesia it is the banned goods:

  1. Offer gamblo
  2. Animal
  3. Antiques
  4. Pornograffi
  5. Laser disc
  6. Dangerous goods
  7. Ifori
  8. Asbestos
  9. Tax stickers

After that, you can choose services, you can choose international services to other countries or export and international services from other countries to your country or import. You can also choose other optional services such as adding packaging then shipping out of working hours or protecting shipping values and others.

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How to contact DHL Service Centre

If the information on the main page of the DHL Indonesia website is still not understood by you or there are other barriers that really need to be requested by the DHL team directly, then you just need to contact the customer service. There are many ways you can do this, from sending emails to livechat and hotline services.

You can open the main page of DHL Indonesia website then at the top there are several options, one of which is to link to DHL express. Clicking on the option to contact DHL express later there are several options to communicate with the customer service, one of which is to fill in directly on the complaint page with the format:

  1. Name
  2. E-five
  3. Postcode
  4. Customer account number
  5. Location
  6. Phone
  7. Comment details

Whether you can use the quick service, click on the chat now option, later you will be directed to the livechat service by the  DHL service center team. In addition, you can also call the 24 hour access helpline number without toll-free meals of 0800 1 333 333 or other wire numbers at +62 21 7917 3333.

For the hot line service, you can communicate both ways so that what your complaint is can be properly communicated while getting the best answer. So for those of you who want to do business not only domestically, DHL express can be one of the options.

Expanding market reach is indeed the most effective way to make your business grow. Usually, the barrier for an exporter is the delivery service, while DHL express is very useful for small to medium business people and there is even a DHL  service centre service   that is ready to help you.

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