West Java Dukcapil Services  LEngkap  baahida bulshada : Lorongku

 West Java Dukcapil Services  LEngkap  baahida bulshada

The use of the  various services  provided by the  Dukcapil in West Java is certainly something important for the community.   Each resident must be written in detail so that they are the color of the state for the needs of the  county  reserves. From there, it will be clearly known from the  rights and obligations as an Indonesian-born citizen.

During the   life in the country  in the state  of course everyone wants to have a good standard of living  as a  resident.  In addition,  the region is one of the  regions with the largest population in   Indonesia.   As  it is close to the state headquarters,  this region  should receive special  attention to its people.

So far, public data  shows the  extent to which social welfare is   based on various aspects.   If all obligations are exhausted,  the rights  of  the people will  certainly be obtained without  discrimination.   In fact, there are many interests and needs that  must be put first so that people’s standard of  living can continue to grow.

In this discussion,  it  will be explained by  the appearance  of the residents of the dukcapil district in western Java.   The following data will also  help  to keep all sectors   easily managed by the government as intended. As a matter of fact, the common interest can certainly  build on achievements enjoyed by   society and the state.

Population growth  in West Java Region

At the time of calculating the number of people in a region, the census program became  a  method of punishment.  The government exhausts the program every year  to understand the size of the  entire population.   It has been a long time since the population census has been able to be used as a model to calculate accurately throughout the year.

When you see   a crippling increase in population size,  it can certainly  be  applied to formulating strategic policies.   Thus, the formula for making the census is also focused on    accurate  house to house data collection.   Through this method, it can be determined in detail from demographic data based on sexual groups.

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According to the data recorded at the dukcapil office in West Java, the male sex was recorded at 25,265,315 people.  At the same time,   women’s  sexual data  reaches 24,670,543 unrivalled people.   In total,  there are 49,935,858 individuals included in the civilian register through the  census program.

The data are the results   of the 2020 census program, showing the latest population figures.   Because  of  the  diversity of  people  from this region, they can  certainly  be applied to a state plan.   Any political  strategy  should be able to  target all groups of  people to uphold the value of justice.

Government  services  as  well as  possible must also be provided, so that they  can get the best impact  according to the needs of the people  .  As long as there is maximum service coming from the government, it can certainly cope well with all groups. As long as your data is stored in the government’s census program, it will certainly be a luxury in the community.

Most completed services in Government Services

Throughout the life of the state, every citizen citizen can certainly not be cut off from the administration of the West Java Dukcapil organization. All citizens must have formal regulatory credentials in government data. This has become one of the obligations if you live in an area of the country.

There are a variety of activities to store citizen data through the service for which matters are responsible. From education, employment, insurance , and most other aspects   will relate to the data.   The reason is,  this data  has a function that shows you are a resident with  the official rank.

The first example  regarding the services of the  state system is  data collection to obtain an identity card.   This recognition is mandatory for all orang with a minimum age of 17 years as the difference is assigned.  Starting with owning an identity card, and then it can be used to practice many other things that    are needed.

In order to get an ID card,  you must register  for  full data through the West Java dukcapil service.  But that’s not all types of services from the service because the  focus is too much.   Another example is  data collection to  get specific program assistance by the state in  accordance with some requirements.

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Using that administration  , you will  enjoy  programs that are specifically targeted at some groups.   This means that you at least need to register your identity formally in persons’ affairs. Promised, he will feel  more comfortable if  the  activities of the accompanying government are equipped with special  benefits.

Avoid Can E-KTP and Other Data Online

Behind developing technology to become increasingly sophisticated, the Dukcapil West Java office  is also trying to enhance its quality. Especially on the quality of social services, the focus will be on modern and modern systems, to help people’s needs. The actual evidence can be  seen in  the online  system by relying on the Internet to take care of various needs.

Thanks to an internet presence , you don’t always have to visit the official office if it can do it online   .   The assistance of these facilities  has been proven to make community activities  easier  and more  flexible.   I   have no  doubt  that  the government’s intention in  this innovation is useful and efficient.

The reason is, very senior people should have the potential to cause widespread demand at any time.    If you are able  to discover online services, it will definitely make  you more comfortable without  needing to do the movement.   Even for homes, different issues  must  be  completed because they are  equipped with modern systems through the use of the internet.

An example of a service from Dukcapil West Java that is executed online is the application making an E-KTP.  To submit, filling in the form can be achieved in internet facilities  , so there is no need to go in a long queue.  There were significant changes in support of  how to deal with  the  people they were working for  who started working.

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Of course married couples who are married, can easily look after a family card. Thus, it is guaranteed that it will be more effective in addressing services to address critical issues. You don’t need to have problems and get more difficult as long as you need the service booking services.

Reporting System Able to Help Service Get Better

Since there is a complementary and integrated service, all the potential can be achieved in different aspects. Whether it is public or government, online systems can also be utilized for possible working hours.  In addition, there are special services  that enable them to be reported in complaints of its various forms.

Going  through a service program  called Lapor you can submit  suggestions and criticisms  to the system.  In general criticism can be passed on if you feel that the government’s service has diminished. On the other hand, the reporting program is also used as a way to communicate proposals if they input recommendations.

Of course, any form of criticism and advice from the public can help to make the dukcapil of West Java enhance its quality. Because of this type of bipartisan interaction and communication, there will undoubtedly be changes. The prospect of an online ecosystem  is actually making residents not hesitate to express  their personal thoughts.

The Lapor application and website can be used for a full  24 hours,  making  it easy to access it.  All types of entrances will be used in an  effort to  modify them to make the service much better.   If it is to meet all  the needs of the people,  it will certainly   be acceptable to all parties.

So far, there has been no concern from the final arrangements for the government’s work on civil registration. All services are available in practice supported by cyber technology and ensure data security. Thus, all communities that have settled within the scope of the West Java dukcapil area  are promised to be able to enjoy the most comprehensive facilities.

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