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Stats to Help Business Owners Gain Social Media Success

Did you know that most retail brands (around 91%) use two or more social media channels? Both leading and local brands leverage the popularity of social media to communicate with their audience. Different social platforms can act as a great custom-relationship-management (CRM) tool to engage with your follower base and customers – a good way…

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Facebook Reactions – The Like Button Has Company!

If you’ve been using Facebook for quite some time, you have probably noticed a new feature for reacting to someone else’s post. The iconic Facebook “Like” button now includes different emojis – love, haha, wow, sad and the angry reactions. This update started to roll-out in October of 2015 and is now fully rolled out….

How to Create Shareable Content that Dominates Social Media

Everyone tries to create shareable content.  Did you ever wonder how sites like Buzzfeed gets a thousand views and social shares each day? Based on our own observations posts that contain numbers or lists are more easily read and shared because: 6 Ways to Write Sharable Content #1 Write a Catchy headline You wouldn’t be…

When to Hire Someone to Manage Your Social Media Accounts

Should you hire someone to manage your Social Media accounts?  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for business and many other social media platforms continuously grow and promise to be in widespread use for decades. Social Media’s growing popularity makes it necessary for all size businesses to take advantage of reaching out to their market and personally engage….

Instagram for Business

The popularity of Instagram has grown overtime.  It started as an independent app just used for photo sharing but became a widely used social app when Facebook bought it. Due to Instagram’s growing number of users, many businesses are stretching their marketing efforts into Instagram in an attempt to reach a new or potential market….

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