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Check the West Java KK number with the help of the internet


When maintaining administrative files and having insufficient personal data, you need to  check the West Java Online Family Card via Internet T. Especially if you are far away from home and have only one ID card, it is very difficult if you have to contact that person at home first.

Currently, the presence of a Family Card (KK) is actually very important, as KK number data is very important in different organizations. This is also required for the phone card registration process. Therefore, for those of you who do not have this card, you should take care of registration at this time. Because later it will need it for different needs.

The presence of a family card is useful not only for government offices, but also for transactions with financial institutions, schools and others. Without KK, the administrative process will often be hampered. Because the number listed in it is the identity of the family as well as the members in it.

Making family cards can not only be done at Ducapil’s office but online services are also available. Because during the pandemic, almost all government administration services are made online so that there is no crowding. You can also use it to lose data change services and KK reporting.

However, you can rely on the online services opened by each civil registration office in each area. Well, before you learn more about this online service, you need to know the importance of KK and many other information. Let’s look at the following description.

Citizens’ right to have family cards

All citizens have the right and are bound to have family cards. However, unlike an identity card owned by one person per person, a KK can be owned by several people at the same time. Because it contains information about each family member. For example, father, mother, son, as well as grandmother and grandfather.

The family card is not only owned by the head of the family, although it describes the family arrangement and the head of the family is in first order number. Each member enrolled in it can use KK to meet administrative needs.

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Checking the existing West Java KK number can be done easily at any time. Because in today’s modern age, you can use the Internet as a source of various information. It is only necessary to find out through search engines and the required information will be available.

To create a family card, you must prepare several requirements, such as a cover letter from the RT attached to the RW’s signatures, a photocopy of a wedding book or a marriage certificate, and other supporting certificates. The construction process can be done by visiting the Ducapil office or making it online.

Not only data creation and renewal services can use online services. Checking the West Java KK number is also a feature of online services on civil registry service sites. Considering that not everyone can remember the number, especially if it is only used at any time.

Importance of family cards in administrative files

KK Online West Java can only be checked by people who already have it. All Indonesians must have a KK as this certificate can be used for a variety of administrative needs, including:

  1. An ID card is required for the process of making

The data for creating an identity card will be taken from KK, as it already lists NIK and other important information. During this time, additional information will be obtained during the process of making the ID card.


  1. It is necessary to open a savings account

When you want to open a savings account, you should also include a KK. This condition applies to all nationalised banks. If you do not include it, the registration submitted will be cancelled because there are not enough conditions.


  1. It is necessary to make a birth certificate

Birth certificate or birth certificate is important as the identity of the child before the age when the child has an ID. The card can be received. In the process of making a contract, KK is very important as the information of the parents which will be a working ground for the latter. Without a family card, the process of making a birth certificate will be hampered.

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  1. Required for credit application

Applications for vehicle, home and even electronic goods loans require a family card so that the data provided is completely valid so that the credit application can be approved.


  1. Required for the manufacture of a passport

A passport is required for those wishing to go abroad and the process of making a passport requires birth certificate, family card and ID card or diploma. To make it online and forget the KK number, you can  check the West Java KK number on the  Capill Institution page  .

There is no KK yet, you can make it online

If you still don’t have a KK, you don’t have to worry as you can make it online, especially for couples who have just got married, you must take care of it so that you don’t have any problems in the future. Because nowadays this family management letter is needed to take care of different things. Here’s the full process:

  1. First ask RT for a cover letter, making sure the letter is also signed by the RW.
  2. Request a registration form in the village by including an RT cover letter and fill up the form in full.
  3. Take a photo of the form after filling and ask for the official Ducapil number in the village for online registration application.
  4. Then wait for the manufacturing process and check out the West Java online KK once it is announced complete .

Another way is to register on the official website of the West Java Civil Registry Office. Register when registration is open. Each ducapil has a few registration hours and quota limits. After filling the form, attach the photo of the marriage certificate as well as the RT cover letter.

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Easy Ways to Check Out West Java Online

Sometimes at critical times and in a short period of time, you need information about the family card number. For example, when registering online. When facing a situation like this, don’t panic right now. Because there are many ways that can help you overcome it right away. Especially if you have a cell phone with an internet connection, everything will be easier.

The Internet as a technology product can facilitate you, one of which is to provide an easy way to check a West Java online family card .  There’s no need to bother going home or contacting people, just do it this way:

  1. Chat service. The number +62811-800-537-3 can be accessed via WA chat message. Use format name-nik (can be viewed on KTP)-Phone-number is a problem.
  2. Use a 24-hour support service via electronic mail at the address: with the contents of the name mail, nic by resident’s card, and other IDs. Personal data on the cards. Fill in the subject of the email with a request for family card number information.
  3. Through the Home Ministry website, select the menu to find the family card number, then enter the main population number, and wait a moment before the required information appears. is the address of the site.
  4. Create an account on the Civil Registry online service website and then access the population data search service and you will get the required data. Site address:
  5. Use your social media account and visit the FB page of Ducapil’s Directorate General or @ccdukcapil (Twitter), then send a DM to the admin according to the problem at hand.

According to its function as a civic identity, every Indonesian citizen and foreigner must have a family card. Not only as an identity, but also used to complete various administrative files. Just now,  creating and checking  the West Java online KK can be done with the help of the internet.

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