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EmailMarketingEmail has become part of our daily lives that sometimes we love and sometimes we hate. As hard as it is to imagine a world without social media, email communication is even more pervasive for the majority of people. How would we communicate within our company without an email or thirty to answer?

Many businesses have a negative perception of email marketing due to a disdain for their own inbox, but when implemented correctly, email services are a great way to capture new leads and increase engagement with an existing customer base.

It’s More Than Just A Blast

Email services need to revolve around a strategy and a set of goals. Businesses should think about what their target audience would be interested in hearing about, or what kinds of sales and promotions would move them to engage. If you think about your own inbox, chances are you can find an instance when you took action on a good email marketing campaign, so you know it works.

  • Identify the need
  • Engage with the right people
  • Create a win / win opportunity

And at its core, that’s what good email marketing does. When you find a way to share things that your customers want to hear about, they are engaged, excited, and willing to take action.

Email Marketing Works

Just so we don’t forget to let you know the statistics say that Email Marketing is still the most successful lead generation tool available.

Our email marketing solutions adhere to the  fundamental and ethical principles of email marketing to ensure your customer base trust your brand. Main features of our strategies include:

  • Full development of custom email template to reflect your brand logo and style
  • Implement processes for importing customers, managing bounce rates and subscribers to grow email lists
  • Develop and design opt-in forms and campaign landing pages
  • Segmentation of lists based on proficiencies, location, etc.
  • Full service email marketing report: manage campaigns, sends, delivers, clicks, opens, etc.
  • Perform A/B split testing to drive performance and KPIs
  • Full service and comprehensive training for leveraging complaint opt-in processes.

Implement a strategic email marketing campaign today to help nurture new and existing customer relationship. Email marketing can make a world of difference, and when combined with other solutions like pay-per-click and display advertising, you can start to make significant strides for your business.

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