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WebAnalyticsWhether it’s football, baseball, soccer or chess, fans of all sports know their games revolve around statistics. Baseball in particular relies heavily on player statistics and measurement, which makes it extremely similar to digital marketing. Athletes and teams are measured by an analysis of the stats they produce, which is how digital marketing campaigns are evaluated.

For many years marketers have relied on by guess and by golly to measure the success of their campaigns.  The internet now provides marketers with concrete data to work with and to base decisions upon.

Marketing analytics isn’t the easiest digital tactic to grasp, in theory or in practice. But it is one of the most important, because if you aren’t measuring your business’s campaigns, then you’ll never know whether they’re working or how they can be improved. Your campaigns will need to be tweaked; continuous improvement is key to keeping up with the shifting landscape of the Internet.

Data Is Your Friend

Any discussions involving aspects of digital marketing campaigns such as conversions, traffic and links is really centered on marketing analytics and measurement, since that’s where the data comes from. Without the metrics, we wouldn’t know how many people visited your site and the number of them who converted into customers. Marketers and businesses would be operating in complete darkness, essentially guessing based on biased perception.

If you watched the movie Moneyball, you will know that Billy Beane doesn’t assemble his baseball teams without looking at the stats. You also want to manage your digital campaigns with a thorough understanding of marketing analytics. Call us to learn more.

Our web analytics solutions will give you a full customer picture across websites, social sites, videos, ads, and even mobile devices. We employ high-standard tactics to make the most out of your measurement strategy.

The data from your web analytics report will help you better serve your existing customers, while winning new ones. It empowers your team to:

  • Detect and fix problems on your site during your campaign before it’s too late
  • Identify which areas of improvement will the biggest impact on sales
  • Track performance over any given time and uncover patterns of successes and fluctuations
  • Get detailed insights into who’s visiting your site, where they’re located, what device they’re using, why they’re visiting and even why they left
  • Minimize customers “bouncing” from your site to a competitor’s site
  • Convert traffic and boost conversion rates by pinpointing key barriers to purchase

Open every door and seize every opportunity by leveraging web analytics. For more information on how to leverage website analytics to your business needs, download this PDF, give us a call at (888) 871-4576 or contact us.


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