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LandingPageOptimizationIt’s not magic but too many people are denying it: landing page optimization is an extremely underrated digital marketing tactic. Everybody makes a lot of noise about traffic, and while it’s important to get more eyeballs on your content, conversion – which is really what landing pages are focused on – doesn’t get enough of the credit.

We like to say “Do the math”.  Let’s say your website has 1% conversion rate which simply means one out of every 100 visitors takes the action you want them to.  Most businesses focus on increasing traffic to get more conversions, which works because if you can attract 100 more visitors, you’ll get one more conversion (2/200 = 1% conversion rate). But even though that seems easy enough, increasing traffic by 100% is actually hard .

Don’t Get Stuck In Traffic

But there’s a way around the traffic jam! Instead of growing your traffic numbers, why not work with the traffic you already have? If you do a little bit of landing page marketing and improve your design, messaging and calls to action, maybe you can bump your conversion rate up to 2% or even 3%. A 2% increase actually means better results and more return on your investment. A 2% conversion rate will mean 2 visitors take the action you want and a 3% conversion rate or  3/100 visitors take the action. Additionally, increasing your conversion vs traffic rates probably increases your ROI as well.

Landing page marketing can make a world of difference, and when combined with other solutions like pay-per-click and display advertising, you can start to make significant strides for your business.

Leveraging WSI’s landing page optimization solutions enables you to do more with your marketing budget. We can help you to do more of your interested website visitors into loyal clients. Solution features include:

  • A complete analysis of your current web properties and digital marketing campaigns
  • Full marketing consult to identify areas of landing page improvement
  • General review of current sales funnel
  • Proposed plan for optimal campaign landing pages
  • Assistance and/or full development of new landing page content and organization
  • Ongoing consultation and support in creating conversion-oriented landing pages
  • Setup of landing page measurement for future analysis
  • Ongoing performance monitoring to provide the best return on investment (ROI)

Create landing pages that turn more website visitors into paying customers! Contact our team now for more information on how to implement landing pages that will help you make more sales.

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