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Paid Search Solutions paid search advertisingUnfortunately, the Internet isn’t like a cornfield in Iowa and just because you build a website it does not mean they will come as in Field of Dreams. But WSI’s paid search solutions will ensure that people do come if you pay for them.

Similar to SEO, the goal of paid search advertising (or pay-per-click or PPC) is to drive more traffic to your site. The main difference is that with PPC, you are paying for every single visitor who comes to your site by clicking on a paid search ad.

Although paid search ads and organic search results appear on the same page, they are significantly different. PPC ads are generally at the very top of the page and appear on a slightly colored background. Every time these top two links are clicked, the ad owners pay a fee.

A Pinch Of This And A Pinch Of That

If SEO and paid search solutions are so similar, how do you know which one is better for your business? The answer depends entirely on your goals, but more often than not, both SEO and PPC can help your business. SEO is a slower, more in-depth process, while PPC can deliver quick, immediate wins for a fixed cost.

If your business desires more visitors as quickly as possible, ask for WSI’s paid search solutions and traffic you shall receive. We’ll target efficient keywords that will not only drive traffic, but also increase conversions (which ultimately means more sales).

Pay-Per-Click advertising is an instrumental tool for attracting the kind of online visitors that are already interested in your products or services. The advantages of building your own PPC campaign include:


  • Advertising space on Google – Keeping you up front and center for hot prospects
  • Budget-friendly techniques – You set your budgets and only pay when prospects click to visit your site
  • Flexibility to make changes on the fly – Adjust budgets or ad copy any time throughout your campaign
  • Advertising wherever you want – Tailor your campaign to target prospects locally or even globally
  • Ample competitive research data – Analyze keywords, bid levels and ad updates by direct competitors
  • All inclusive performance metrics – Keep an eye on what elements work and what could use some help
  • Reach prospects on the go – Your ads are also served up on smartphones and tablets

Boost Web Traffic and See an Upsurge in Conversions with a Custom PPC Campaign. For more information on pay-per-click campaigns, download our PDF copy or give us a ring at (888) 871-4576.

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