Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?

Marketing Automation (MA) is the ultimate Lead Generation tool that pulls together Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), Website visitor identification and tracking, email marketing, advertising campaigns and sales processes into one manageable platform.

With marketing automation, you can read the digital body language of your visitors, learn what products and services they are interested in, know when they visit and send automated responses almost as if you are guiding them through your sales funnel.  Companies using Marketing Automation see a 53% increase in sales-ready leads.

Marketing Automation has been a secret sauce for enterprise level companies.  But every business, small, medium or large, can benefit from the valuable tools these systems provide.  The company size, goals, and budget are the basis for creating marketing campaigns, and now even smaller companies can have the tools to be more efficient in these marketing and sales efforts.

marketing automation

Why Marketing Automation?  We already have a CRM and Email system.

CRM Systems are primarily organizational tools.  MA adds to that organization and enhances it with a whole suite of tools for generating and converting leads.

Email systems send mail based on the sender’s time schedule.  MA sends mail based on the prospects activity allowing you to provide the right information at the right time when your user needs to know.

Analytics tell you how many people visit your site and your pages.  MA tells you who they are.

A full-featured and robust automated marketing platform is what your business needs in the complicated day-to-day digital marketing.

Automated Marketing Solutions, Tailored to Your Business Needs

Today’s marketers are jumping ship from email marketing to an automated marketing tool. The all-in-one marketing platform offers identification of new leads, send automated messages at the right time, and generates in-depth evaluation and reports of each of a business’ campaign. Thus, this new tool enables a marketer to monitor carefully where the leads came from and the leads’ flow to conversion.

By using an automated marketing tool, a business can leverage its powers to:

  • Identify and improve existing digital and traditional marketing campaigns
  • Maximize all the data results to the fullest and create creative marketing ideas
  • Learn more about the needs of your target audience by observing their behaviors.
  • Provide lead nurturing throughout the prospect’s buying journey.
  • Optimize and carefully monitor outsourced sales programs such as Pay-per-click, remarketing, and more.

Still not sure if Marketing Automation is for you?

Are you still unsure if this is a tool that will bring you value or just the latest and shiniest new tool in the tool chest? Don’t worry; you are not alone! We did extensive research into the value of these products and the potential that it provides our customers.  Here are just a few of the data points we found that Marketing Automation addresses:

  • Studies show that following up with a prospective customer within the first hour of contact increases your likelihood of converting him to a lead by 700%.
  • Over 90% of website visitors are unknown to you.
  • About 95-98% of website visitors don’t take action
  • The average sales cycle has increased 22% over the past 5 years due to more decision makers getting involved in the buying process.
  • Only 27% of leads sent directly to sales are qualified.
  • Marketing Automation drives 451% increase in qualified sales leads.
  • Only 3% of companies are currently using Marketing Automation (i.e., the big guys). That means there is a lot of opportunity for the mid-level and smaller company.
  • The cost to implement and manage an MA program, which used to be prohibitive, is now manageable with the right platforms.

Just as a reminder, we have been in this business for many years and have seen several bright shiny objects.  We missed a few but we got most of them right. We told you about needing a website before people knew why.  We told you about Search Engine Optimization before everyone understood search engines.  We jumped on the social media bandwagon so quickly that even though there are over 30 million people with a name like “Mary N Williams” I have the twitter handle @marynwilliams.  We started beating the drum about content marketing and reputation management years ago. We know Marketing Automation is something you will benefit from, and we know that we have a solution you can afford. So call me, leave me an email, message me on LinkedIn or send me a tweet or email.  I would love to show you more.  

If you want to learn more about marketing automation or would like to give your business a good investment in your marketing arsenal, feel free to fill in the details, and we’ll contact you within the hour!


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