2016 Digital Marketing Guides

2015 was a banner year for WSI and we are celebrating with this gift to you – 2016 Digital Marketing Guides. We celebrated our 20th year, created tons of content in support of our passion: helping businesses do better digital marketing! If I had to pick one overarching theme of our content this year, I’d say we talked a lot about brands fostering an openness to change and adaptability within not only their marketing but their culture. We also wrote the second edition of our Digital Minds book, which is now available for purchase!

We know most of the gifts have already been passed out, but we saved this one for the New Year. As we did last year, we rolled all our content from 2015 into neat little packages. Inside our gift to you, you’ll find the following digital marketing guides for 2016:

A Complete Kit for a Cutting Edge Website

website marketing kit

Your business’s website is its digital office and, these days, often the first experience customers have with your brand. You wouldn’t meet your clients in a messy, disheveled and unorganized office, would you? So why is it acceptable to present a sub-par digital experience? In 2016, the answer is simple: it’s not. Whether you’re content with boring, company-centric website doesn’t matter, because it’s not about you – it’s about the customer. Your site’s design must be beautiful, the user experience flawless and the content valuable. If not, your customers will find a competitor before you can sing the chorus of Jingle Bells. Inside our A Complete Kit for a Cutting Edge Website, you’ll find a stocking stuffed with information on marketing automation, building and managing content calendars, and creating better buyer personas. Download the site marketing kit here.

The Ultimate Kit to Perfecting Your Search Marketing Strategy

search marketing kit

It’s no secret that the search marketing world runs through Google. The fact that Google’s algorithm changes all the time is also common knowledge. And that page we linked to (and have linked to numerous times over the last few years) is a perfect example of excellent search marketing via long-form evergreen content. Our Ultimate Kit To Perfecting Your Search Marketing Strategy will take you beyond the world of AdaptiveSEO™ and into the realms of paid search (PPC) and display advertising. Who knows, maybe we’ll even get into the evolving world of social ads and how much they can boost your content’s reach and amplification. So kick back, relax and unpack a whole slew of whitepapers, newsletters, videos and other content aimed at improving your search marketing efforts in 2016. Download the search marketing kit here.

The Complete Kit for a Successful Social Media Overhaul

social media marketing kit

Social media can be tricky. It’s vast, it’s time-consuming and from a business perspective, the return-on-investment is hard to measure. But at the end of the day, if your customers exist in the social space, then you need to be there too, even if it’s just to save face. That’s right, sometimes the fact that your business is socially active can help close a deal, which means it works both ways when it comes to that tough-to-measure ROI. Our gargantuan Complete Kit for a Successful Social Media Overhaul marketing kit features infographics, videos, and whitepapers on social media marketing, social selling, email marketing and the all-important social relationship management. Download the social media kit here.

The Ultimate Kit for Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

mobile marketing kit

You may have heard that 2015 was the year of mobile and, well, since we were on the record saying so, we think you should read to our 2016 marketing predictions as well. Like it or not, the whole mobile movement boils down to one thing: customers. It’s the same as social media – if the customers are doing it, you need to do it too. Luckily, we live in an all-access world where it’s not difficult to get your hands on the latest and greatest technology, and simply learn by doing. It’s tough, and there’s always a curve, but believe us, you can do it. And if you’re just plain stuck, plop down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn to watch Spike Jonze’s Her and then read our mobile marketing white paper (we promise, both are worth it). Download the mobile marketing kit here.

Look, we know it’s not a bottle of Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, which, by the way, is the Canadian whiskey from Winnipeg that was named the best in the world by Jim Murray, a renowned writer. But truly great information is hard to come by, so we created and packaged our marketing resources to help businesses of all sizes make sense of, and improve, their digital marketing efforts. From everybody here at WSI, and on behalf of our entire network of digital marketing consultants, Happy New Year and best wishes in 2016 and beyond!

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