programmatic advertising magic

Programmatic Advertising – What does Google need to Learn?

Programmatic Advertising uses artificial intelligence to find the “best match” for publishing display ads. It is a highly efficient and effective form of reaching your target market.  Recent advances in programmatic mean that in addition to being a tool for buying a high volume of digital advertising inventory at a lower cost, it also adds…

attain SEO success

7 Key Steps to Attain Local SEO Success

How do you attain Local SEO Success? Search engines are the to “go-to” web application when looking for solutions and answers. For large brands small companies, local business owners and non profit organizations, it is essential to get found in the search engine results. Being well rank helps businesses communicate their message to their target…

SEO practices

SEO Practices that Still Matter in 2016

Search engine optimization and SEO practices are complicated stuff. There are a lot of things that to accomplish, and the process is tedious and repetitive. It can get overwhelming too. With over a decade in the business and online marketing industry, some ‘best’ practices still work in 2016. Rumors have spread that both link building…

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