google plus search

Google+ Search = Google on Steroids

We knew it would happen and now Google will begin integrating your world into your search options. With a Google+ profile you will be able to see what the people and places in your world think and do. Google calls this access to “your web.” So instead of all the public information that is already…

mobile search

How Mobile Changes Search

Mobile internet usage is set to overtake desktop Internet usage by 2014, but more importantly, the way people use their mobile devices is very different. This represents both a huge threat and huge opportunity for Internet marketers and companies willing to be forward thinking. It is only those that can truly appreciate how the Internet…

QR Code

QR Codes and Mobile Marketing Opportunity

While it is true that QR codes are not always used properly, like when you scan one and are redirected to a non-mobile-formatted web page, and there are many that are used inappropriately. This is a missed opportunity not a condemnation of the capabilities. Mobile Marketing Isn’t Just a QR Code As developers and users…

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