A Brief History Of WSI Corporate

WSI has been in business since 1995. A lot’s happened since then. See this timeline of some major events that have occurred along the way:

Founded in 1995 in Toronto, Canada WSI was first a basic web design company. Back when the Internet was in its infancy having a website was a big deal. Things have changed, but WSI has been around for it all: the explosion of the Internet, the advent of Google, the rise of social media and the rapid increase of smartphones and tablets. We know and understand the digital landscape because we live in it every day.

As the Internet continues to evolve, so does WSI and the digital solutions we offer. What works today might not work a few months down the road, and we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the leading digital marketing strategies, solutions and technologies. We started with web design but now offer a full digital marketing suite including site, search, social and mobile solutions.

Even this graphic is dated as we have a new President, have cultivated new relationships and are breaking new ground.


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