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How to Get and Manage Customer Reviews

Setting up your business, marketing it both offline and online and converting prospects into customers is great business; rinse, repeat. However, it shouldn’t end there. Every business owners know that customer reviews plays a huge part on their brand’s success. Reviews boosts their brand’s awareness through word of mouth and online review sites. These reviews…

WSI, One of the Top 20 Promising Digital Marketing Solution Provider

Digital marketing has grown tremendously and continues to be adaptive as years go by. With the advancements and popularity of information technology, gadgets and everything in between, the digital marketing platform definitely has a bright future ahead. It is this rapid change, integration of old and new marketing strategies and fear of the unknown that…

How to Create Shareable Content that Dominates Social Media

Everyone tries to create shareable content.  Did you ever wonder how sites like Buzzfeed gets a thousand views and social shares each day? Based on our own observations posts that contain numbers or lists are more easily read and shared because: 6 Ways to Write Sharable Content #1 Write a Catchy headline You wouldn’t be…

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