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Pay-per-click and Social Advertising

One of the many frustrations a small business owners undergoes is getting their products noticed online. Competing against a well-known brands in your industry is another burden. But how can these small businesses thrive and stay in the competition knowing that their budget is scarce compared to those business tycoons? This is where social ads…

How to Build and Increase Brand Awareness

We understand the frustrations of the small business or local store owner in Nashville, Tennessee and other regions of the United States. It’s hard to establish a brand as it takes a lot of work, dedication, passion and time. However, if your products, services and exceptional customer service have what it takes to stand out…

Personalization Marketing – The Power of Simple Human Connection

What makes a shopping experience worthwhile? Is it the value of the product or service, a superb customer service or a combination of both? Several factors can affect our shopping experience. Most people do not know that a small hint of personalization and human connection can make the experience memorable and unique. Personalization is important…

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