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mobile vs std website

Native Mobile App vs Responsive Website – What Every Business Owner Should Know

People are adapting to the world’s technological advancements and reaching out to them has been a struggle lately, especially for those small to medium-sized business owners. It is imperative for entrepreneurs to keep up with the latest trends for their businesses to thrive and stay in the league. With the rising popularity of apps and…

increase conversion rate

Leverage The Power of Google and Social Analytics

Generating traffic to your website takes a lot of effort, money, time and creative juices. Email marketing, pay-per-click, search engine optimization, social media marketing are a few out of the endless marketing strategies a website owner can implement. Because of the unending marketing to-do lists, most webmasters overlook the importance of evaluating their marketing efforts….

content curation checklist

Content Curation – Why Creating Lists are Sharable in Social Media

The internet and search engines make it possible to search anything on the web. However with millions of people uploading and sharing content online, the amount of information is often times overwhelming. This is where lists and article curation come into play. According to Wikipedia, content curation is the process of collecting, organizing and displaying…

proper usage of hashtags

Hashtags – It’s Use, Purpose and Its Proper Usage

Social media gives us an avenue to share our experiences, memories and valuable tidbits of information with our personal network. Basically, its sole purpose is communication. We currently live in an era consumed by social media and backed by the data gathered by the three social media giants.  Did you know that Facebook revealed its users…

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