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Mesmerized by New Life

Monday, April 26, 2010

Have you ever experienced the overwhelming joy and absolute power of new life?  If so, then you will know what I am going to talk about.

A new baby is a blessing, a gift,  love personified and completely mesmerizing.  I am not sure why but a new little babe has the power to connect and entice pretty much anyone to spend hours watching their faces, movements and responding to their needs.  Perhaps this power come from the 'fact' that the new life of a baby is closer to God, having just been in His presence.  Perhaps people have some innate memory of being babies ourselves.  Perhaps it is something else - but it is a wonderful, warming and fulfilling feeling.  I know this because I have just experienced the joy of becoming a grandmother to the most beautiful new baby girl in the entire world (no bias at all)!

Having a healthy baby requires the parents to dedicate themselves to the needs of the baby before, during and after birth.  To be attentive to its every need and to provide for its growth and development.

How does this relate to business or specifically to the internet?  My grandbaby was born the week that Apple released their new baby - the ipad.  I am certain that the people of Apple also experienced the overwhelming feelings of anticipation, incredible efforts and sacrifices, struggles and pains to produce this product.  I am sure they also have expectations and visions of its future success just like new parents do.

In a past life I worked on new product development teams and actually have 4 patents to my name so I know a little about the trials and tribulations of conceiving, developing, nurturing and launching a new product.  I have also given birth to three children and know the trials and tribulations of conceiving, developing, nurturing and 'launching' a new baby's life.   The comparison may be a stretch- and granted, my new product paled in comparison to the ipad but still I have some unique  insights.

There is a lot of controversy and a lot of opinions on the brilliance of the ipad.  I personally think there is a market for the product that many of the techies and nay sayers do not think of when looking for the next great thing.  Boomers - iphones are wonderful when you can see them but the size limits its usefulness for those over 50 who need reading glasses.  Not everyone wants a camera attached to their every device - how many do you need?  Holding a tablet makes a lot of sense for comfort and provides a truly versatile extension when compared to the laptop.  I think the ipad will find success as long as Apple listens and is attentive to its every need, takes care of the demands and nurtures its growth and development. But only time will tell!

New life is mesmerizing. 

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